About us

Equestrian Center Aino is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the centre of Järvenpää. Near by Ainola train station. The Equestrian Center Aino accomodates 54 horses. Premises  consist of two outdoor arenas, two warm indoor arenas that are connected through a warm waiting area and also 22 temporary boxes for horses.   The humidity and temperature levels are carefully controlled in all our indoor areas and  stables.

Our riding school was founded in January 2016. The riding school is open daily Monday to Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm and we welcome everybody to join our classes.

The base material that is used in both of our indoor arenas is ideal for horse’s daily training. The ground elasticity is kept all the time the same level through the under-floor watering system. Our indoor arenas are also integrated with the new FilmMe video technology which enables a close analysis of the equestrian’s movements through slow-motion viewing.

Equestrian Center Aino has also its own equestrian equipment shop -Boutique Aino. Boutique Aino is open usually from Monday to Saturday, but it is better to check the opening times on their Facebook page.

Our Story

Erkki Siltala is the person behind the Equestrian Center Aino. He felt passionate about building a state of the art equestrian center. Erkki had no significant experience of equestrian sports prior building the centre. And that is why Aino turned up a bit different to other stables. Many compromises were left undone and the horses needs was prioritised. What is the best ground material for a moving horse and how can it be built? How can the needs of the horses living at the stables be fulfilled? How can a horse arriving to a competition be kept calm and warm?

When the horses’ needs were fulfilled, we concentrated on doing the same for every person coming to our stables; the equestrians as well as spectators.

The competitions can be followed from the arena, or from the restaurant while enjoying a meal or pastries with coffee. You can arrive and leave with your shoes looking tidy.

At Aino, the animals and people are well looked after.


Restaurant Herkkupaja, which is located between our two indoor arenas is a perfect place to eat well and at the same time follow competitions or training sessions. On Weekdays restaurant Herkkupaja is open from 09.00 to 18.00 and on weekends it is open from 10.00 to 16.00. During the weekend events the restaurant will be open on their schedule.

Restaurant Herkkupaja offers a wide selection of restaurant and café delicacies all created from fresh produce daily. Lunch is served on work days between 10.30 am and 2 pm.

Due to our restaurant’s full alcohol serving rights we can offer quality drinks for everyday as well for parties.

We bake our own fresh pastries and delicious raw cakes daily.

Upstairs of the restaurant we have a welcoming living room and a loft that accommodates over 150 people.

We also cater for private events. Please be in touch regarding your event plans and needs, we’d be happy to plan an event according to your wishes.

You are warmly welcome to join us for coffee, meal or party!

You can find more information about restaurant Herkkupaja from their own website